Domergue’s quality

Auguste DOMERGUE started his business by creating a household brush workshop before the Second World War.

The post-war economic recovery enabled the establishment of the A. DOMERGUE public limited company in 1953.

DOMERGUE has remained a family-owned company and acquired a solid experience in the brushware trade.

Its high-quality and long-term based customer approach enables DOMERGUE to offer a full range of products meeting both the conventional needs of the sector and more specific demands.

DOMERGUE asserts its qualities each day:
Flexible production (large volumes or small series).
Quick responsiveness to the needs of customers.
Manufacturing very specific and/or technical products.
Competitive prices due to its streamlined organisation and well-suited production tool


One of the principles of sustainable development is to use natural resources while ensuring their renewal.

RLS DOMERGUE is aware of the impact of its economic activities on the planet and is thus committed to ensuring that its wood supplies come from sustainably protected forests, according to FSC® or PEFC standards.

The FSC® or PEFC standards are certifications designed to promote responsible forest management. The FSC® or PEFC standards ensure that the timber used to make our certified products originates from environmentally, economically and socially well-managed forests.

By placing FSC® or PEFC logos on its products, RLS DOMERGUE, guarantees that the timber used in manufacturing its certified products has been monitored from where the wood was cut to the finished product.

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